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“I want Window Treatments that are functional, control light and yet give my room that give my room that finishing touch!”

Window Coverings help create privacy and enhance and finish a room. With all the new windows going in today, undressed windows may be your first choice, but not necessarily the best.

Energy Efficiency

  • According to Hunter Douglas, windows can account for 53% of all heat entering a home, and 37% of that escapes that way also.
  • For safety and energy efficiency, windows can be covered with a variety of energy efficient materials. The degree of insulation provided depends on the window covering material’s ability to trap air between the covering and the window glass.
  • A treatment that is mounted inside the window frame does a better job of reducing air movement and increasing insulation, so shades or blinds that are “inside mounts” are better insulators than those that are “outside mounts.
  • Fabric shades, namely honeycomb or cell shades, provide the most insulation. All blinds and shades help protect against the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays, which can wreck havoc on furniture, carpet, and other home furnishings, including hardwood flooring.
  • Shades or wood blinds with an over treatment that can be drawn open or closed (depending on the weather and east, west, north or south exposure) will not only add more interest to our windows, but these rooms will stay warmer or cooler depending on the season of the year. If full operating window treatments are not in your budget or design plan, then stationary side panels that don’t move, can help insulate a window too.


  • Another problem with having no window treatments is lack of privacy. Naked windows make us vulnerable when someone could see in to our home and assess the potential for breaking in.
  • When you’re looking for window treatments, determine what level of privacy you’ll be comfortable with and what your budget is.
  • View different fabrics, shades and blinds by having someone hold a treatment up to the light so you can see just how much privacy you’ll have when someone outside is looking in. Some translucent treatments reveal shapes and movement inside, and some completely block out any visibility.

Most people have never worked with a Designer before, and our goal is to make sure you’re 100% happy with everything we do for you. It has to be what you like or we don’t do it!

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We carry all the great Hunter Douglas ® products and can help you with:

  • Vinyl & Wood Shutters
  • Woven Wood Blinds and Roman Shades
  • Fabric Roman Shades
  • Silhouettes ®, Vignettes ®, Pirouettes ®, Luminettes®
  • Honeycomb & Pleated Shades And of course, Custom Shades and Drapery Treatments

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