Details Make the Difference

Often, we don’t think of our bathrooms as a retreat or a place of relaxation. We may focus all our design attention on rooms that guests will see most, not see the need for sprucing up the bathroom, or simply be unsure of what to do with such a space. We would love to offer a few great details that can make a huge difference in turning your bathroom into a spot you truly enjoy.

Letting in Light

Besides painting your walls with lighter, pastel colors, there are a few other ways you can lighten up the bathroom. If you prefer the shower, go with glass and let light flood through the transparent walls, as seen in the beautiful shower below from This Old House magazine. If you love a good bathtub and you have the opportunity for more of a remodel, placing your bathtub near the windows is a great way to lighten up the area. With both a shower and a bathtub, tile can be added to complement the space and allow light to reflect off more translucent tile choices. Finally, depending on the placement of your bathtub, full length draperies can be a distinct and useful addition. Though they may be a bit unconventional, lighter draperies can add a dramatic look to your bathroom, while allowing for a diffusion of light to create a soft and glowing effect.  What do you think about the draperies in the bathroom below from House Beautiful magazine?

Sink Selection

There are some great alternatives to the standard sink and if you are want to do just one thing to make a difference in your bathroom, the sink is a great place to begin. If more storage is needed in your space, there are some great sinks that have built in storage and look beautiful too! Installing a sink that includes a covered storage space will give you more room and reduce clutter, which is definitely a win-win situation! Another way you can achieve the feel of more space is by installing separate sinks that open up the bathroom, in place of a full vanity that fills an area. Some sinks even have shelves below that will hold more of your goodies, like the double sinks shown below!

Display or Put Away?

Deciding how to deal with all the goodies in your bathroom will affect how you feel about the room. Determining which items should be stored or part of your decor will help you select the kind of storage you need. Adding in some shelves near your tub or around the bathroom will allow you to display items that reflect your personal style, such as the candles and plants around the bathtub from This Old House magazine. For those items that need to be stored, like towels, you can decide to include some closets or cabinets in your bathroom. Based on the type of closet you choose, whether open or closed, you will get different results for your space. Open closets can be a great option if you want to save money on buying closet doors and if you are serious about folding your towels consistently! On the other hand, closed closets provide you with that needed storage space, while creating a clean and polished look by keeping everything out of sight.  Look at the amount of storage available in the beautiful bathroom remodel from Traditional Home magazine.

Let your bathroom become an inviting haven where you can truly relax! Whether you add more light into the space, install a sink that reflects some style, or increase your storage space, your bathroom will benefit from a little TLC and you will discover another place to comfortably unwind.